For Your Appointment...

  • You must not have any flu-like symptoms

  • You must be in good health other than reasons for your service

  • No one in your home can be feeling sick. At all.

  • Your temperature will be taken via infrared thermometer

  • You must be actively staying safe & social-distancing

  • We will all be masked the entire duration of contact

  • You must not work at or visit a facility that treats COVID-19

  • Shoes will not be worn inside your home

  • All equipment is thoroughly sanitized before entering your home


Staying Safe...

  • Know that in-person contact of any kind assumes some risk of transmission of COVID-19

  • Know that Matthew will do everything possible to reduce that risk

  • Be vigilant in doing your part to stop the spread.  DON'T get massage if you're sick or at high-risk

  • Know that Matthew is tested regularly for COVID-19 and is social-distancing except while in-service

  • If you've been traveling, please wait until after 14 days of being home to receive massage 

  • Should you become sick, please notify Matthew immediately

  • You understand and acknowledge at time of booking that the risks of receiving massage at this time are not at the fault of your therapist

  • If you have any immune-compromising disease, you should not receive massage at this time

  • If someone in your household is ill or at high-risk, you should not book a massage at this time

  • Should your health be compromised, your name & contact information may be shared with the Florida Department of Health for tracing purposes